“Working with spirit to bring awareness, healing and enlightenment to our world.
This is who I am.  This is my SOULworks.” Lauren Heistad, Trance Healer and founder of SOULworks. 

Welcome to SOULworks

The SOULworks experience is all about activating, enhancing and expanding your own connection with spirit.  It is about finding your inner light and speaking your truth; knowing spirit has and always will be there to help guide you along your journey.

SOULworks provides many opportunities to enhance your awareness and spiritual experiences. We offer:
  • a Sacred Healing Centre with many gifted facilitators, products and services to help you achieve personal growth and enlightenment
  • the unique mystical boutique "Love and Light Emporium"
  • a tranquil Sanctuary to connect with spirit through scheduled events and workshops
  • knowledge and insights through SOULworks published works
  • or inspirational guidance through speaking engagements and consultation
Whether you have just recently sparked your interest in spiritual awareness or have fully activated your path to spiritual enlightenment, there are sure to be many options here to help expand your own SOULworks.
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