“Working with spirit to bring awareness, healing and enlightenment to our world.
This is who I am.  This is my SOULworks.” Lauren Heistad, Trance Healer and founder of SOULworks. 

Spiritual Facilitators


Each individual working within the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre has developed their own way of working and interacting with spirit through different training, experiences, and guidance. They all have their own inspirations to share, their stories to tell, their unique ways of working with spirit, and their own reasons for doing the work they have been guided to do. There are a wide range of one-on-one sessions offered within SOULworks including but not limited to Intuitive Healing, Psychic Mediumship Readings, Trance Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Angel Card Readings, Intuitive Counseling, Qissage, Qi Gong Healing, Reiki, Angel Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Access Bars, Intuitive Life Coaching, Quantum Touch, Meditation, Hot/Cold Stone Therapy, Aromatherapy Massage, Space Clearing, Psychosomatic Therapy and Jin Shin Jyutsu. Please feel free to browse through the bios below and listen to your own inner guidance as to which facilitator(s) you are drawn to connect with. Whatever your decision, the results will be truly divine. 
Please note that all bookings and session inquiries must be made directly with the individual facilitator you are interested in seeing. 

The rates and services below are deemed to be correct but are subject to change at the discretion of each facilitator. Rates are based on 1 hour sessions unless otherwise indicated.

Lauren Heistad is an adept teacher of the spiritual arts, miracle worker, trance healer, psychic medium, inspirational speaker, founder of SOULworks, and author of the books “Activating your SOULworks: A Healing Journey” and soon to be released "Enhancing your SOULworks: A Miraculous Journey." Lauren’s primary focus is to provide profound teachings and healings to other lightworkers that expand their own awareness and inner strength. 
Through her own naturally developed techniques, awareness, understanding and experiences Lauren teachers others how to conduct profound healing sessions and provide inspiration to those in need. Lauren utilizes her intuitive and trance healing abilities to facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual changes; to pass on messages from angels and spirit guides; and to empower people to heal their body, mind, and soul. 
Experience the ultimate teachings and sessions for your own evolution and development. Lauren uses a combination of energy healing and divinely channeled messages to help facilitate positive changes within your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. There are three elements primarily incorporated into each session or workshop. Lauren utilizes her strong connection with the divine to create a channel for healing energy and information to flow directly from spirit. She utilizes her knowledge of the energy field and chakra system to address disturbances in the flow of energy and bring balance. And finally, Lauren’s channeling abilities are accessed as she connects with angels, guides and loved ones to pass on divinely inspired messages and insights. Each session or workshop is unique, enlightening and powerfully magical.
SOULworks One-on-One Sessions - 1 hr $140, ½ hr $90

Brenda Dutertre is a Certified Holistic EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner, Certified Angel Card Reader ™ and Angelic Life Coach.
She came to these modalities during a time of great stress. Brenda was suffering from insomnia and had been for eight months when a Grief Counselor introduced her to EFT. One session cured the insomnia, and Brenda has been on a mission to introduce this wonderful tool to as many people as she possibly can since. EFT can be useful in pain management, phobias, weight issues, stress management, and so much more. Brenda became a Certified Angel Card Reader ™ at about this same time. She was introduced to the cards at a low point in her life and their message of love, gentleness, and peace resonated with her.
Are you looking for a life that is more balanced, harmonious and peaceful?  Intuitive Counseling can help you find that place. With the help of your Guides and Angels and some practical tools, you will learn about goal setting, how to clear blockages that have been holding you back, and how to centre yourself in order to get in touch with the “real” you.  Sessions will be custom designed for each individual and may include the use of EFT, Angel card readings, guided visualizations/meditations and much more that will help you on your way to the life of your dreams.
Brenda conducts her intuitive sessions from a place of love, compassion, and empathy with a bit of humor thrown in! Her mission is to help as many people as she can to live a more peaceful, healthy, stress-free life.
Emotional Freedom Technique - $100. Angel Card Reading - $75. Intuitive Counseling - $100/hour. 
Mini Angel Card Reading $30 (and no appointment is necessary)

Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master and Spring Forest Qi Gong Practitioner. Katherine has been practicing Reiki for 20 years. This beautiful spiritual healing practice has helped her through her journey of breast cancer, raise her family, and support family and friends. As a Registered nurse of over 30 years, Katherine also recognizes the value of alternative healing modalities. Over the years she has taken many courses in Taichi, Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Aromatherapy, Healing with Natural Foods, Macrobiotic Nutrition and Meditation.
Katherine expanded her daily Qi Gong practice by taking additional training from Spring Forest Qi Gong Master "Chunyi Lin". As a Qi Gong practitioner she offers Qissage and Energenic Qi Gong Healing. Qissage is a gentle hands on healing modality where accupressure points are gently manipulated to stimulate the flow of Qi Energy throughout the energy meridians of the body. It relaxes and energizes your body to heal you.   
Energenic Qi Gong Healing is an intuitive healing practice where Life Force Energy of Divine Source and Compassion is channelled to clear energy blockages, create balance and revitalize energy meridians and body systems. It is a deep focused treatment providing healing and renewal of mind, body and spirit. 
To further support you in your personal healing practice, Katherine invites you to a weekly Tuesday evening Spring Forest Qi Gong Practice Group to teach, support and deepen your healing with Spring forest Qi Gong Active Practice and Meditation.
Sacred Sound - 1 hour $105. Intuitive Healing – 1 hr $105. Qissage with Essential Oils - 1 hour $105. 
Book an Appointment with Katherine Online NOW!  or call 306 371 2889 to book a session.

Soul Living - Learning to live from your soul....
Michelle Miller is the owner/operator of Soul Living. A small town girl, she began to realize her gifts after the tragic loss of her fiancé back in 1999. Michelle began to research and wanted to understand where the soul goes after death and how she could be of help through different forms of energy healing. These findings inspired her to learn. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher. She teaches Level I, II, Advanced and Masters In Reiki. Michelle also has her Advanced Level in Integrated Energy Therapy. As Michelle continues to further and develop her practice she also offers Angel Reiki to clients as a means of spiritual connection to the other side. Our loved ones, who have passed, can teach us so much about living!!! Michelle also teaches classes about "Angels" She shares how we can communicate with them on a daily basis, know who they are and even demonstrates how to do angel card readings for yourself and the ones you love. Michelle, empathetically, receives angelic messages through feelings, visions and words that your guides and angels want you to know.
Soul Living Energy Therapy: $125/hour, $175 for 1.5 hours, $225 for 2 hours.

For over 25 years, Barb's passion for Natural and Complimentary health care has led her on a journey to expand her knowledge of holistic methods and treatments. When her son developed asthma at the age of three, she purchased her first Natural Healing book.
HER JOURNEY BEGAN......Barb enrolled in the Natural Health Consultant program through Stratford Career Institute in Ontario and received her Diploma, with Highest Honours. While enrolled in this program, Barb's interest in Reiki and Aromatherapy was piqued. She obtained her certificate as a Level One Reiki Practitioner, and six months later, obtained her certificate as a Level Two Reiki Practitioner. After perfecting her skills over the next year-and-a-half, she obtained her certificate as a Level Three Reiki Healing Master.
Ever striving to further educate herself, Barb learned the technique of Aromatherapy Massage, using pure essential oils, to improve an individual's overall health; spiritually, emotionally and physically. Most recently, Barb has obtained her Certificate as a Level One Stone Therapist, practicing Hot and Cold Stone Massage.
What's next for Barb? HER JOURNEY CONTINUES.....
Hot/Cold Stone Therapy $140.00 - With Essential Oils Add $25.00 (90 minutes)
Aromatherapy Massage $125.00 (60 minutes)
Reiki Energy Healing $110.00 (60 minutes)
To book your appointment: please contact Barb at hazannawellnesstherapies@sasktel.net or by calling (1)306)730-6400. For full explanation of services offered, please go to her website hazannawellnesstherapies.com
relax your MIND.....refresh your BODY.....rejuvenate your SPIRIT 



Patty Dale is a Reiki Master Healer & Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Access Bars Practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Angel Card Reader, as well as a Law of Attraction Practitioner.   Knowing that we are all capable of more – more happiness, more love, more contentment and more peace – Patty began her journey as an Intuitive Energy Healer with the intent to heal and guide you on your own path to enlightened oneness.  Seeing you, similar to herself at the beginning of her own journey, in need of a ‘different’ doorway, but unable to find the threshold, Patty uses intuitive healing modalities to facilitate breakthroughs of any blocks you are facing in order to help you progress forward.  

Encompassed by Horizons Energy Healing, find your entire self, and receive the balance, harmony, freedom and serenity you deserve.  Patty will provide the soul support you require for your healing and self-discovery.  Intuitively guided energy treatments may include chakra and energy flow balancing, release of negative stuck life energies and beliefs that no longer serve you, and profoundly inspired healing messages from your Angels and Guides.  Experience a decrease in judgment of others, relief from stress, anxiety, pain and general unrest and an increase in peace, love and happiness.  The new found balance provided by these energy healing sessions, will enhance your body’s own natural healing process.

With the relaxation and renewal of an AUTHENTICALLY NEW YOU rising up into your highest and greatest good, a rejuvenated excitement for life is soon on the way!

Horizons Energy Healing 1 hour Healing Sessions - $100.00 including: Intuitive Healing, Access Bars, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy(IET). Sunshine Sampler (20 minutes each: Reiki, Access Bars, Intuitive Healing)

Horizons Energy Healing 1 hour Readings - $100.00 including: Intuitive Readings, Angel Card Readings

½ hour Angel Card Reading Session -  $50.00    

**More information at www.horizonsenergy.ca

Book an Appointment with Patty online now! or by phone or text at (306)292-8936. 

Colleen Leaney, a registered nurse for over 25 years, is a certified Crystal Light Healer (CLH Level 3) practitioner, Access Bars practitioner,  and a Reiki Master.  She is a HeartMath Institute accredited Coherence Trainer, and a Spiritual Life Coach.  She also has a crystal bed for chakra clearing.
Although she has practiced western medicine for several years in many different places, Colleen began to lean more toward other modalities in her personal life during the last 7 years, after losing her spouse.  She began taking courses and classes for her own healing and wellbeing and found she was very drawn to crystals and energy healing.  This has changed her life dramatically in all areas and she wishes to share these healing modalities with her clients to help improve general wellbeing.
Colleen had the opportunity to see Medium John of God in Toronto in 2012, and travel to northern Brazil in 2013 to visit “the Casa”. She received spiritual healings while in Brazil and, while there, she purchased a crystal healing bed, which combines the power of color therapy and crystal healing therapy.  The crystals used are vogel crystals. This special cut provides a special energy stream, producing beneficial stimulation on many physical and energetic levels of being, including balancing your 7 main chakras. 
Reiki treatment: $80/hr     Crystal healing: $80/hr    
Crystal Bed session: $40/half  hr or 80/hr      Bars: $80/hr
Other services (Coherence training)
** More information can be found at www.soullifehealing.com
Book an appointment with Colleen online now! or by phone (306) 321-7552 or email info@soullifehealing.com

Matthew was born an intuitive empath, capable of feeling other people's pain and emotions. In high school, at the end of a horrible personal depression, Matthew discovered a newfound ability to see, hear and feel spirits. These newly developed psychic abilities, coupled with the ability to feel other people's aches and pains, would be instrumental on his path to becoming an energy healer. 
In 2008, Matthew began taking classes in the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu as encouraged by a woman he met who had the same gifts he had. Over the next seven years he learned a great deal from her, not just about Jin Shin Jyutsu, also about gaining full control of his gift of empathy and in working with spirits. 
Matthew has taken several Jin Shin Jyutsu classes, as well as psychosomatic therapy classes (body reading). He offers treatment in the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient form of Japanese healing using the body's natural energy field that flows in patterns throughout the body. Through infections, injuries and mental/emotional stress the energy patterns can be disrupted and disharmony occurs. This makes it difficult for the body to heal and can result in recurring injuries or infections, and depending on the location of the issues, can cause chronic maladies to occur. 
Matthew also does space clearing. Which is removing harmful spirits and bad energies from a location and cleansing the space. 
Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy Healing Single Treatment (1 hour) - $70   Half Treatment (30 mins) - $40
Space Clearing (book by phone or text only) - $250 in Saskatoon + gas if located outside Saskatoon
More information can be found at schappertenergyhealing.com 
Book an appointment with Matthew online now! or by phone or text at (306)290-7929

Location: 3-2228 Avenue C North, Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada